Spermatech AS is based on two technologies; human non-hormonal male contraceptives and sperm cell activator for the improvement of world-wide meat production.

For successful fertilization of the egg (the oocyte), mammalian sperm cells (spermatozoa) need to capacitate. Capacitation is the ultimate step in the maturation of mammalian sperm cells and is required to render the sperm cell competent to fertilize an egg. Capacitation has two fundamental effects: destabilization of the sperm head membrane allowing the sperm cell to penetrate the outer layer of the egg, and two to permit chemical changes in the sperm tail allowing greater mobility often referred to as hyper activation. Sperm cell hyper activation is fully dependent on biological energy in the form of ATP.

Spermatech’s technologies have made use of this crucial feature and have identified and developed small molecular compounds that are either capable of inhibiting or boosting the sperm cell ATP production.

  • Inhibitors of sperm cell ATP production has been developed into non-hormonal male contraceptives for humans.
  • Activators of sperm cell ATP production have been developed into sperm cell activators that are used to improve animal fertility and world-wide meat production.