SpermAct-project extended

Spermatech AS has attained a prolongation of our ongoing project “SpermAct: A novel boar sperm call activator for improved pork production”. The extended project period allows for optimized enhancements on the activator itself before initiating the concluding field trial. The project will run throughout 2024, ending on the 31st of December.

Spermatech AS opens dialogue with International CRO Aragen Life Sciences, to aid in the challenges of the chemical dispositions of our sperm cell activator. We expect to make progress in this area within the next 6-9 months.

The project “SpermAct: a novel boar sperm cell activator for improved pork production” is initiated, running for three years to the end of April 2024. We have now teamed up with the “Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering” of NTNU Gjøvik, to help us develop and device hardware for the administration of SpermAct.

Based on the positive result discoveries concluding field trial in the fall of 2020, Spermatech AS together with partner Norsvin R&D is awarded a new R&D project launching in May 2021. The project aims to further enhance our sperm activator’s (SpermAct) abilities and effect by improved chemical properties, as well as developing a new administration […]